What is Emtiiyaz Electronic Platform?
A platform that provides an electronic test in the Saudi Labor Law, through which the test applicant will be able to assess his/her knowledge in the Saudi labor regulations and laws to learn about their rights and duties established by such regulations. Emtiiyaz Electronic Platform is an investment of Econsult Consulting Services Group which specialized in providing all types of Administrative , HR, Marketing, Financial, Training and Recruitment Consultations for individuals and institutions. All services are provided based on experienced team of consultants whom performs the consultancies in a professional and high-level pattern along with the latest modern techniques and quality standards in the labor market.
What is the purpose of Emtiiyaz Test in the Saudi Labor Law?
The knowledge of labor law is an advantage for any employee working in the private sector.The importance of knowledge in the labor Law in any institution is based on the organization of their performance and achievement of greater harmonization between employees and employer to avoid any labor disputes, and for them to be aware of their rights and duties, in addition to improve the internal work environment through educating the parties in work about regulations and increasing the job security. The test pass score is 75%, an electronic certificate will be sent to the applicant who passed the test with the final marks.
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For whom is this test?

This test in its levels is designed for a variety of categories in order to take advantage of it in recognizing the Saudi Labor Law, in order to regulate the relationship between the employees and the employer to learn about their rights and duties:

  • Employees in HR and administrative affairs departments.
  • All employees, heads of work teams and decision-makers in the private sector.
  • Fresh graduates students and those interested in HR management.

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